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What would Jeff Tweedy say?

Speaking of music…

There’s a discussion going on right now on the Joe Jackson email list about why people pay to attend concerts and then talk through them.

This, to me, is like trying to figure out why, at a stop light with two lanes, one lane ends up with six or seven cars lined up while the other lane only has one car in it. It’s human behavior, and it doesn’t follow logic.

The argument’s against talking are easy:

  • People paid money to hear the band, not others talking
  • The band is trying to perform, and the talking is a distraction
  • Talking while a person is trying to do nearly anything for an audience is impolite
  • The one’s talking were dragged there by their significant others and couldn’t care less

I decided to post this not because I have too much new to add, but Jeff Tweedy of Wilco does. Not only do I wish I had been there for this, but that every artist I see would take time out to address it when necessary.

So, here goes my first attempt at embedding a YouTube video…


Clakity Clak

There’s a developer in our office with one of those classic, first generation, white Dell keyboards. The kind that, when used, really told people you were working hard… ON A COMPUTER!

After we were able to get his attention over the noise of his typing, I asked him if he’d consider a switch to a keyboard who’s origins lie sometime in this century. In a surprising display of brand loyalty, he went in to great detail about the layout, the feel – he had even named it (well, he didn’t say that, but I know he did). Dell had, in this case, created the perfect keyboard… for him. So, a switch was a lost cause.

But this did motivate me to update my own keyboard. Another of our developers had lent me an Apple Keyboard to try out, and I decided that’s what I wanted. Very thin, space age design (I’m trying to bring that phrase back) and, most importantly, very quiet.

So, we drove over to the Apple store.

Background: Apple is one of my favorite examples of a consistent and well-executed brand. From their site, to their store, to their products, to their commercial, it all says the same thing: simple, cutting edge, society-changing company.

My experience there was no let-down. I was less than 10 feet in to the store when I was greeted by an Apple rep. I told him I needed a keyboard. He brought me to the keyboard shelf and showed me the model I had been seeking, called Keyboard (like I said, simplicity). I said that’s it, and he “rang it up” as we stood there – receipt emailed to me. I took the keyboard, and we left. The whole thing took less than five minutes.

I knew what I wanted. I got it. It was priced well. The person was knowledgeable and helpful. The experience was so great that I’m motivated to tell others. And the fact that he was a mobile cash register was no surprise, considering this is Apple, a cutting edge tech company.

It is my goal to make sure provides to our users the music discovery site equivalent of that experience.

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