Clakity Clak

There’s a developer in our office with one of those classic, first generation, white Dell keyboards. The kind that, when used, really told people you were working hard… ON A COMPUTER!

After we were able to get his attention over the noise of his typing, I asked him if he’d consider a switch to a keyboard who’s origins lie sometime in this century. In a surprising display of brand loyalty, he went in to great detail about the layout, the feel – he had even named it (well, he didn’t say that, but I know he did). Dell had, in this case, created the perfect keyboard… for him. So, a switch was a lost cause.

But this did motivate me to update my own keyboard. Another of our developers had lent me an Apple Keyboard to try out, and I decided that’s what I wanted. Very thin, space age design (I’m trying to bring that phrase back) and, most importantly, very quiet.

So, we drove over to the Apple store.

Background: Apple is one of my favorite examples of a consistent and well-executed brand. From their site, to their store, to their products, to their commercial, it all says the same thing: simple, cutting edge, society-changing company.

My experience there was no let-down. I was less than 10 feet in to the store when I was greeted by an Apple rep. I told him I needed a keyboard. He brought me to the keyboard shelf and showed me the model I had been seeking, called Keyboard (like I said, simplicity). I said that’s it, and he “rang it up” as we stood there – receipt emailed to me. I took the keyboard, and we left. The whole thing took less than five minutes.

I knew what I wanted. I got it. It was priced well. The person was knowledgeable and helpful. The experience was so great that I’m motivated to tell others. And the fact that he was a mobile cash register was no surprise, considering this is Apple, a cutting edge tech company.

It is my goal to make sure NewTunes.com provides to our users the music discovery site equivalent of that experience.


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