What would Jeff Tweedy say?

Speaking of music…

There’s a discussion going on right now on the Joe Jackson email list about why people pay to attend concerts and then talk through them.

This, to me, is like trying to figure out why, at a stop light with two lanes, one lane ends up with six or seven cars lined up while the other lane only has one car in it. It’s human behavior, and it doesn’t follow logic.

The argument’s against talking are easy:

  • People paid money to hear the band, not others talking
  • The band is trying to perform, and the talking is a distraction
  • Talking while a person is trying to do nearly anything for an audience is impolite
  • The one’s talking were dragged there by their significant others and couldn’t care less

I decided to post this not because I have too much new to add, but Jeff Tweedy of Wilco does. Not only do I wish I had been there for this, but that every artist I see would take time out to address it when necessary.

So, here goes my first attempt at embedding a YouTube video…


1 Response to “What would Jeff Tweedy say?”

  1. 1 Cristina Alonso Cuervo
    October 24, 2008 at 10:25 am

    Well, it is impossible to struggle against the elements.
    I remember once I went to see Sting playing live in Gijón, in the ’90s.
    He was singing the song “Soul cages” when suddenly a set of iluminated billboards, of a known bank, started to shine in the darkness of the stadium. Everybody (but me) started booing and whistling so loudly that Sting turned his head towards the zone where the billboards were shining. I guess he followed people’s glances. However, he went on singing and everybody shut up soon afterwards.
    I think people should not be talking in concerts, but I don’t think it is the artists who must make them hush, less they were talking so loudly that it was impossible to go on singing.
    Maybe there should be a group of people specially designated to do this.
    Maybe people who talk in concerts should be sent out.
    In my opinion this behaviour is disrespectful for the band and for the other people who are in the concert.

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