My Scarlet Life

Let’s continue our tour through excellent independent bands that don’t really exist anymore…

My Scarlet Life doesn’t exist anymore, but they should. If you can get your hands on any of their three CDs (which you can), then you should. They’re a really interesting mix of Dead Can Dance meets Garbage and then sits at a table next to Love Spirals Downward. But in many ways, they deliver more consistently than any of the above.

Like my earlier post about Spencer the Gardener, there’s not much out there on them. But this video is a fair representation (although the studio work is better). Let this be the non-sequitur that kicks off your Cinco de Mayo.

As it relates to NewTunes, our search engine has been discussed several times here. But one core part of that search is the ability to find independent or unsigned music. Not only do we have a catalog of popular music (which we need for the first part of the search), but we are also going to house independent and unsigned musicians who want their music to come up in our search results.

After all, one of the main points of the search is to unearth music you’d never heard before. If a band wants their music to be in our results, we are inviting them to set up a presence on our site.

For those of you into the trivial, the hotel in the background during the second song is where we stayed when we were working in Chicago two weeks ago. Always strange how things like that seem to happen in bunches.


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