Need more dulcimer!

If you read the last post about My Scarlet Life, you may have noted the comparison to Dead Can Dance. I first discovered Dead Can Dance while sitting in my apartment in San Francisco at 1am on a Saturday night watching a show called “In Concert.” The show didn’t play full concerts. Instead, they played a clip of one or two songs performed live from a few various artists.

On this particular night, they cut to Dead Can Dance playing “Rakim.” I had never heard of them before, but I was blown away by the clip. To me, the music was intense and powerful. See for yourself…

http://www.lisagerrard.com/ is the woman singing and playing the Dulcimer. She has gone on to do several memorable soundtracks and albums. Brendan Perry, the man singing with the guitar, has since only released one record. In fact, his digital footprint would suggest he has largely disappeared.

However, I noticed today that he has a MySpace page and will soon be relaunching his website. There’s also a relatively new song on his page called “Utopia”…

It’s apparently from a film called The Fountain, starring Wolverine as Hugh Jackman playing some guy in the movie. I’ve not seen it, but I do like the new Brendan Perry song. It’s a nice evolution of his sound.

Most Dead Can Dance fans seem to prefer the Lisa Gerrard solo material to Brendan Perry’s, but for me, he is the strength of the band, and a nice way to start the week…


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