Michel who?

Unfortunately, I don’t speak French. However, my formal Latin training tells me that there’s some director fan smack talk going on out there surrounding the Naive New Beaters video for “Live Good.”

Their video, which looks a lot like the work of phenom director Michel Gondry, was actually shot by Léo Le bug (and one commenter over at lifelounge.com had this to say – “Beautifully done. Send it to Michel Gondry with a note that says “Suck on this.””). Either way, the video definitely shares the same sensibilities and creative approach as some Gondry work.

Meanwhile, the song is pretty solid, as well. Like the OK Go! phenomenon, this is the kind of video that could quickly take off and catapult this band past its peers.

Incidentally, since we’re on Gondry, I can’t help but post not only one of my favorite Gondry videos, but the only Kylie Minogue song I’m not afraid to say publicly that I really like.

If you liked either of these, I would suggest checking out more of the <a href=””>Gondry library. This video set will keep you interested throughout all of the videos.

If I were trying to get a band off the ground, I’d be looking to Gondry to help me out with my video. I wonder how much he’s charging these days…?

*Thanks to Zach for sending on this video.


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