knowing your target audience

As mentioned in the “Destination Unknown” post, I spent the past weekend in Vegas.

They say “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Well, “they” don’t say that as often as the ad campaign does, but you get the point. My question is, does that apply when you bring your wife and four-year-old daughter with you?


When you walk down the strip in Vegas, it’s literally very difficult to make it more than 10 yards without someone wanting to give you a small stack of “business cards” for prostitutes. If you’ve never seen them, they look like baseball cards for hookers. They’ve got an action shot on the front and all the vital stats on the back. And, like Topps cards these days, they no longer come with a stale stick of gum (the cards, I mean).

Incidentally, the handing-out-of-the-cards can be an art form unto itself. Though slightly exaggerated (seriously… only slightly), this is a fair depiction of what walking by these people is like…

Anyway, I found it fascinating that as I walked down the strip with my four-year-old daughter on my shoulders, these people still thought that “even though he’s got his daughter with him, I’m sure he’ll be looking for some after he’s put her to bed.” Never mind the fact that since I’m holding her feet with my hands to make sure she doesn’t fall off, I’ve got no way to actually accept their gift.

But, I have to say that some of the older people handing these out (who probably have kids of their own), would pull them back and sometimes put them behind their back when we walked by. Those were the ones who understand marketing.


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