The most serene republic

Did anyone know they still made videos?

I guess that like music, video equipment has gotten such that it is much more affordable and possible to make quality videos for just about anything (I know, I know… youtube, right?).

Well, I have little interest in reviewing this video, but I really do like the music behind it, which comes from a band called The Most Serene Republic. They started in 2003 and can be found on the Arts & Crafts label – which is also Broken Social Scene’s label.

What impresses me most about them is the diversity of their sound from not only song-to-song, but also within the same song.

Check out their song Content Was Always My Favourite…

And then The Men Who Live Upstairs

Two very different sounds from a band who seems to have a lot to offer.

This is another reason why “people who purchased this, also purchased this…” doesn’t quite work for me. When we bring our site back live with v1.0, you could enter the first song into our search results and get songs that sound like it. If you were to enter “Men Who Live Upstairs,” though, you would get five entirely different results.

That’s what we think our search will bring to the table.

*Our entire catalog is not active at this time, as we are about to take the contest and search down for a time. So, this example is just that… an example to serve a point.


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