This headline surprised readers by being longer than expected

Economic scores, indicators and results come out all the time – daily, weekly, monthly quarterly, etc. But it seems to me that the news is always tempered. You often hear phrases like “greater than expected” or “lower than expected.”

I just looked at the Yahoo Finance page and saw the headline “Housing posts surprising rebound in April.” Surprising to whom?

It’s easy to find headlines like “Employers cut payrolls less than expected.” Less than who expected?

The answer to both of those questions would have to be “pessimists.”

It’s treated as common knowledge that we’re in a recession. There’s no technically static definition of a recession, but the most commonly accepted one seems to be “A period of general economic decline; specifically, a decline in GDP (gross domestic product) for two or more consecutive quarters.”

If this is the case, we are hardly in a recession. Why, we had an increase, albeit slight, in GDP just last quarter. (Note that in this article, it was “better than expected.”)

I bring this up because I just noticed Harley Davidson’s answer to this…

from the Harley Davidson website

Not sure I think the execution is as good as it could have been, but I’m in love with the sentiment. Harley (or more specifically, the agency for Harley) obviously noticed the same thing that I’m noticing – a huge wasteland of optimism, happiness and sheer enjoyment in life. Harley isn’t even saying it as strongly as I would, but their message is that good times and bad times come and go, or are all relative. Go out and continue to enjoy yourself and simply don’t participate in the “recession.”

Culturally, I think America is a pretty negative place to be these days. People don’t appear to be that psyched about nearly anything. Personally, I’m not sure why. I think things are awesome.

Without getting too much into economics (yawn), statistically, things are, in many ways, better than ever in this country. Look around the world to see what “hard times” and “poor” really mean. Who’s everyone still looking to for aid amid the earthquakes and floods? In what other country would you rather be living?

And musically, I can’t think of a better time. The great bands of the last 30 or 40 years, combined with advances in technology, have inspired more blending and styles of music than ever before. It has also inspired more people to try their hand at song writing and music production than ever.

I mean, just listen to “Soldier Jane” by Beck – one of the most nuanced and layered songs around right now.

If the existence of this song doesn’t give you reason to smile or feel good for a few moments, then maybe we are, for the next generation, doomed to pessimism.

This is also a great time to start a new company. And it’s a great time to jump into the music waters. At NewTunes, we’re doing both, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. The fun and optimism at our offices is infectious as hell. I wish you all could be a part of it.

Many tell us that it’s a pretty crowded space, music-related sites… and it is. But we don’t believe here that if one person or product succeeds, it has to be at another’s expense. The water’s warm in the music industry, and it’s a pretty big pool. We think there’s plenty of room for us and everyone else.

Recessions happen largely because society decides, collectively, that we’re in one. The media has been “surprised” by good economic news for the past few years. And society finally decided to believe it.

Whatever you’re doing, whether professionally or personally, why not take stock of what is great about it. Sure, there are some economic stats that are worse than we’d like. But they’ll bounce back after the market corrects. That’s what happens in a free market.

And the best part about the free market is the best part about life – possibilities and opportunities.


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