what happens in vegas gets broadcast to as many people as possible

And so the Dollar car rental story comes to a sputtering end.

I just called to check on the status of my “case.” It turns out the case is closed – they just neglected to tell me.

So, I told the agent that it is not closed because I still haven’t seen my CD case, the CDs or any accountability on the part of Dollar. Wasn’t long before I was on the phone with a supervisor.

She asked me to prove that I left the case in the car. I told her that I had a witness – my wife. She said that’s not proof. She then said there was nothing she could do.

Argument continued, until I finally asked her if she was a trained customer service professional. She said she is a customer service supervisor (obviously, a by-the-book one).

I said to her “then you must see this as an opportunity to take a current customer and make a long-term one out of him by extending some sort of responsibility, if not gesture of make-good.” She didn’t seem to understand and replied with “we’re not going to reimburse you for the missing CDs.”

I told her that would be the extreme goodwill response, but something like a $25 gift certificate on Amazon to start me on my way to replacing the missing CDs would be in the right direction.

In the end, the entire situation was handled poorly and left me utterly unsatisfied. I was really looking forward to writing about how well they handled the situation. But alas, having given them every opportunity, they passed and took the old customer service rulebook approach.

So, please pass this on to whomever you can. This can still be a learning opportunity for Dollar, and I’d like to help them.

I can guarantee that there will never be a story like this circulating about NewTunes if I can help it.


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