Dollar car rental steps up and satisfies a customer (the conclusion… really)

Brief recap: I left my CD case in my returned Dollar car and it was stolen by an employee. Up to now, Dollar had not taken any responsibility and responded poorly… up ’til now, that is. For more detail, go here, here and here (in order).

Yesterday, I left a message for the CMO of Dollar, and that call seems to have jump-started the response I was originally expecting.

I just heard from their head of customer service, Lynn Turner. She was extremely professional and friendly. But most importantly, she got it. She understood this situation for the opportunity that it is. In fact, she shared some insight that I had not thought of – that the lost and found area is near to her heart because it presents the greatest opportunity to turn occasional customers into loyalists.

Lynn and I agreed that the situation was ultimately my responsibility for leaving the CD case in the car. But, more importantly to me, we also agreed that Dollar is responsible for its employees and the theft of the case.

To reconcile the matter, she offered me an apology for the theft and a check for $50 to put toward the CDs. This, to me, is an excellent, above and beyond response that will definitely have me renting from Dollar (this Tuesday, in fact, when we’re in NYC). As an aside, it seems only right, at this point, to donate that money to charity, so I’m giving it to my friend Zach’s AIDS ride.

Yes, this story wouldn’t have been so awkward if that were the initial, spontaneous response. But my suspicion now is that it went the way it did due to nothing more than luck of the draw. If I’d reached a more helpful customer service person, like Miyoshi at Dollar, who I spoke with yesterday, then it would have been resolved properly the first time.

Dollar and I are now in agreement… case closed.


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