looking for a good time?

My colleague Joe and I are headed off to New York next week to meet with some of our partners regarding the site architecture for NewTunes v1.0.

Sure, there’s work involved, but when you hear you’re going to New York, don’t you immediately put thoughts toward your nightlife?

So, a few days ago, I got on the Googles and tried to find a site that would give me the most options for next Wednesday night. Before I tried a general search, I went to Village Voice, which I thought would be the obvious and reliable choice.

To my surprise, the Village Voice only gives you listings for 7 days out. Since I was looking on Wednesday, it only gave me listings through next Tuesday. At first glance, I thought they must be doing it according to their publishing cycle. But today, I see that their listings are through Thursday.

Prior to today, though, it was surprising that New York, of all cities on this earth, had no prominent and reliable source for nightlife if you were looking out further than a week. Ok, there may be such a site, but if so, it is not coming up prominently on Google.

If I were going to San Francisco, I could point you to at least three such sites.

Maybe its because all the web developers are in the Bay, and all the finance people in New York just don’t know how to put together a good listings site?


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