Kleerup (six degrees with snoop dogg) + lykke li

Spending time at Said the Gramophone is always a treat. Not sure if they’d describe it this way, but I always seem to find what I consider to be an eclectic mix of music. Or, maybe the mix isn’t eclectic so much as the songs themselves.

During my visit there today, I found a post from Sean Michaels about (Andreas) Kleerup – a drummer and producer out of Stockholm, Sweden. The song Sean posted is called “Until We Bleed,” and the song progresses really nicely into a multi-layered, dynamic electronic pop song. If you can get past the fact that Lykke Li (also from Stockholm) sounds a bit like a cross between the spiritualist from Poltergeist and Kate Bush, it’s a solid recording. There are also two other mixes posted. Here’s the main song:

Until We Bleed

Of the two, I like the work with Lykke Li much better. It seems to have a bit more of an experimental feel to it. Here’s a clip of her doing “I’m Good, I’m Gone.” I really like this video and the song.

Kleerup has also worked with another Swedish popstress called Robyn. Her work seems to be a bit more mainstream dance pop, and doesn’t really push boundaries too much. I’m pretty sure she’s sitting on the couch in the Lykke Li video. She also sang backup on Snoop Dogg’s “Sexual Eruption.”

This is Robyn singing “Konichiwa Bitches.” If nothing else, she certainly has an understanding of the video coming out of Japan right now. This has to be the most colorful video I’ve posted, that’s for certain…


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