get the headphones and close your eyes…

The other day, I mentioned my friend Nick, who I grew up with in Brookfield, WI. We finally spoke, and I recalled to him that without his influence, I may never have found the entire genre of atmospheric jazz that includes Pat Metheny, Jean-Luc Ponty, Jeff Lorber (before Kenny G was, well… Kenny G), Grover Washington, Jr. and many others. If you’ve never listened to either, stop here and go check them out… I’ll wait.

Anyway, you may remember that Nick recommended to me the band West Indian Girl – whose albums I promptly purchased upon hearing them. This time, Nick dropped another gem on me – Explosions in the Sky.

Explosions in the Sky (MySpace link) is from Austin, TX (given how on the radar Austin is, you’d think more bands would actually come from there), and while they’re not a new band, they are new to me (look for that post coming soon). They’re an instrumental atmospheric rock experience similar to that of Ozric Tentacles or a lengthy Grateful Dead jam minus Jerry’s guitar.

Unlike many of the bands today who are using the ease of studio production to push their careers, it appears to me that Explosions in the Sky is very much a live experience. They are at once mesmerizing and engaging, and they seem to create a very personal sonic experience that makes me really want to see them.

Here’s a live clip of them playing “Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean.”

If you don’t have 10 minutes now, set this aside and come back to it when you do. Or just purchase one of their CDs, go sit in the grass with your headphones, close your eyes and let them take you where ever your mind wants to go.


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