newtunes site development update

Amidst all these posts of music and observations, we have been quietly but quickly picking up speed on the development of NewTunes v1.0.

In case you’re new here (and welcome to you), NewTunes aims to turn the “people who purchased this, also purchased that” model on its head with our own search engine. Enter a song you like in our search engine, and we’ll serve you up new songs that sound similar to the one you entered. We think this will be a truer, more efficient and reliable way to discover new music.

Last week, Joe Amstadt (developer) and I went to New York to meet with some of our site development partners. While we were there, we finalized all of our site requirements (or, what features will v1.0 have).

It was a tough discussion. There’s a lot we’d like to include in the initial site launch, but there’s limited time, and we can’t do everything. Things like allowing musicians who load music on our site the ability to also load a gallery of album art. To us, this is obvious, and it will be there… in time. But this is an example of one capability that will be left on the cutting room floor for v1.0 (but hopefully not long after that).

Just yesterday, we finalized the site requirements – the core functions of the site. The next few weeks will see the completion of the site architecture and then the aesthetic design of the site. The goal is to launch the site in late fall, and we are still on track.

In the meantime, this blog will continue to act as the placeholder for the site to come. We hope you’re finding it worthy of your time. As more developments emerge, we will share them with you here.


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