connecting musicians to fans

NewTunes is about music search and discovery. That’s been covered pretty well here.

What hasn’t been covered so well is that it’s also for musicians. Sure, music fans can enter a song they like in our search and get recommendations based on that song. But that’s just one half of the relationship. The other half is to have the musicians with music to find.

A major part of our experience is going to be tailored specifically for musicians. We’re trying to create the easiest interface possible for an musician or band to upload their music into our database and enable it for discovery.

Sure, there are many sites like Garage Band and MySpace that help give artists a home for their music and an electronic press kit to share with clubs at which they want to play. But those places are not necessarily geared for discovery.

By uploading their music into our database, a musician or band is improving their chances of being tied specifically to a song that one of our users already likes. That means that when they hear that artists song, the user will be in a discover and purchase frame of mind.

If the user really enjoys that artists song, they then become an evangelist for that musician or band. It is our goal to not just be a static home for musicians and bands, but to be a place that proactively pushes their music out to people who we know will like it.

For example, check out this up and coming band – PJ and the Jelly Roll Chaser*.

They sound very much like the “Drums” or “Space Jam” portion of any Grateful Dead show. So, if one were to type a song from the Grateful Dead album “Infrared Roses” – which is a collection of instrumental jams from their live shows – into our search engine, PJ and the Jelly Roll Chaser may have one of their songs served up as a result.

A band will only show up in our search results as often as a user looks for a similar song, but when their songs do turn up, there’s a much greater chance that the user will listen to, purchase and like the song. At this point, a band needs to have quality fans before they can build quantity.

*Ok, PJ and the Jelly Roll Chaser may still need to evolve their work a bit, but you get the point…


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