i am fuel, you are friends… (or, remember the spacemen 3?)

Heather Browne writes the blog I Am Fuel, You Are Friends out of Colorado. She’s been at it for a couple of years, and has a real knack for picking out key songs on album releases.

Every Monday, she highlights a song from newly released albums in her “Monday Music Roundup.”

This week, Heather highlights Spiritualized‘s “Soul On Fire” in her most recent Monday Roundup. Her take on this song is pretty accurate and made me think of the placement of “Tiny Dancer” in Almost Famous. Some songs will bring people together and can be truly empowering. This has that power and reminds me a bit of “Bittersweet Symphony” from The Verve.

Thanks, Heather, for reminding me that this album is out there. And for reminding me that Spiritualized is out there, too. Spiritualized has been around for quite awhile and was born from the breakup of Spacemen 3 (who were also friends of the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy). Described as “space rock,” their music is dependent on atmospheric guitar work that really creates a sensation of open space.

Spiritualized is almost Menudo-esque in that it has had more comings and goings than possibly any other band. In fact, the Wiki-page on Spiritualized actually includes a chart:

The one constant has been Jason Pierce, who truly is the core of the band. He’s the guy singing in the video for “Soul On Fire.” Check out that song here:

And, for good measure, here’s Spacemen 3, “Hypnotized,” courtesy of MTV.

Finally, here’s the Jazz Butcher performing “Human Jungle.” If you aren’t familiar with the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, you’d better get to know them before they get to know you…

(Now… how was that for a meandering post?)


1 Response to “i am fuel, you are friends… (or, remember the spacemen 3?)”

  1. June 10, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    hey thanks for the nice mention and i’m glad to remind you of such a great track! you know the hilarious thing is that i had written a sentence likening that song to the Tiny Dancer/bus singalong in Almost Famous, but deleted it before I published it. But that is EXACTLY the feeling it gave me too. Yay!

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