naming your band for search engine optimization (seo)

I am the World Trade Center named their band two years prior to September 11. So, did Sept. 11 hurt or help where they show up in search engines? Sure, there are more people entering “world trade center” into Google, but there are also that many more links showing up with all the coverage and mentions of the World Trade Center on websites.

There are many stories out there about how some parents are choosing their children’s name according to whether or not the web address is available. Is that a consideration for your band name, as well?

I’m guessing “no,” in South‘s case. I recently heard some of their music, so I went online to find them. Like X, their name is terrible for searching. Mostly, you get South Park. But South is such a common word, you get a huge mix of websites, and none of them are the one I was looking for.

I finally did find their MySpace page, and then their band page. South recently put out an album in April – their fifth, despite having been around for 15 years – called You Are Here.

In the past, South has apparently been more electronic than now. But the arrangements are more acoustic on this one, and it has a real Badly Drawn Boy feel to it. The rhythms are certainly 2008 studio work, but with a real classic (I mean, dance-hall classic) feel to them.

I’m placing two videos up for your perusal – “Up Close and Personal” because it has interesting animation and they actually wrote the song…

“Bizarre Love Triangle” because it’s a good twist on a New Order classic. It also makes clear that fact that their drummer should never step foot out from behind the drum set. Enjoy…


1 Response to “naming your band for search engine optimization (seo)”

  1. June 12, 2008 at 4:51 pm

    We named our band The Carolinas. Terrible name for SEO. Of course, there was no such thing as a search engine when the band formed. The Internet itself barely existed for most common folk.

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