As long as we’re stuck with myspace…

Not to long ago, I was wondering how bands are making the choice between having their own website or just using MySpace.

If you visit a lot of band sites, more than half of them only have a MySpace page. It seems to be general consensus that MySpace currently owns (to the degree that anyone does) the music space. Not to say that bands aren’t setting up shop in a myriad of other places, because they are. But MySpace probably collectively has the most inventory.

However, it also seems to be consensus that their aesthetic design may actually be the worst of all the music-related sites with any significant traffic. And the design is terrible. There’s no template. It’s hard to tell when any useful information is going to be. It doesn’t fit a standard screen – any time you have to scroll left-to-right is a bad design.

The news came out yesterday that MySpace is kicking off a global design initiative that kicks off on Wednesday, June 18. The story from marketingvox.com makes it seem that the redesign will focus on improving the advertising space and location. If this is true, than they’re still living serious denial about the rest of the site. Also, their focus strictly on commerce could hurt their reputation.

In 2008, the willingness, speed and ability for consumers, en masse, to turn on a brand is pretty serious. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.


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