Bob lefsetz celebrates “new music of the past 30 years” (kind of… well, not that he knows of, anyway)

This week, I’ve been posting under the theme “new music of the past 30 years” – point being that any music that is new to you is new music. People are naturally drawn to the new thing, but I wanted to call attention to some of the forgotten or lesser known great music of the past 30 years.

During the past week, Bob Lefsetz, an entertainment attorney and music label consultant who writes an inside perspective music industry blog, wrote a post about a once well-known Southern California band called Honk. He addressed many points in the blog, but I think this was one of the central ones…

“You might have thought the most famous surf movie of all time was “Endless Summer”. That’s only if you lived outside of California. In California, it was “5 Summer Stories“.

Not that I knew. I experienced the legendary “5 Summer Stories” in its audio format, synched to ski movies in a living room in Sandy, Utah. What was this magical music? That both exhilarated and set one free? 5 SUMMER STORIES! The Californians all exclaimed in unison, and looked at me incredulous.

I had no idea. I thought the name of the band was “5 Summer Stories”. That was untrue. That was the name of the soundtrack album, the band was called Honk.

The record had been out for years. It was a SoCal staple. But it was new to me. Everything’s new to you when you haven’t heard it before.”

No matter how much you try and keep up on the music scene, band will constantly slip by you and become popular without you having been in on the ground floor. This happens to the best of ’em each and every day. Just yesterday, developer friend Jim (who’s happy where he is, but thanks) pointed out a band to me called Buddy. I was having trouble with their MySpace page, but I went to their core site and found their song-of-the-month, which I really liked.

People spend so much time trying to keep up, that sometimes I think they forget to look back, and in so doing, miss a tremendous amount of truly ground-breaking music from the past – some of which holds up great today!

One more point from Lefsetz in that post that is worth mentioning…

“Turns out tastes are not narrow. People don’t like only hip-hop, only country, but anything that touches them. “5 Summer Stories” touched SoCal. And the track that contains all the hope, all the exuberance, all the thrill of the experience, is “Blue Of Your Backdrop”. You feel it in the track, the rising and falling of the music, like a wave.”

This is another founding principle for NewTunes. That’s why we think it so valuable to search by song. A band and an album of songs are a multi-dimensional concept. But a song is the moment. In the context of an album, it is a part of the sum, but alone, it stands alone. It defines itself. It is the core of an idea.

That’s why we think the best music search is by song, not by album. If a particular song moves you, you want to find other similar songs. In just a few short months, we want to help.

By the way, here’s “Westgate” from Buddy…


…and here’s the Honk “Pipeline Sequence” portion of 5 Summer Stories…


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