NewTunes status update

Hey there,

Once again, I’d like to start by thanking all of you who’ve been following along. The site traffic (essentially the blog traffic, at this point) continues to grow as we near the launch date of NewTunes v1.0, and I hope that’s evidence that we’re putting useful recommendations, opinions and updates out there.

The calendar seems to be moving faster and faster around here and the work is getting more intense.

This Wednesday, we’ll be meeting with two of our partners to finalize the site architecture (what we’ll have and how it will work) and see some proposed designs for the overall site.

As an aside, you may have noticed the NewTunes logo up top (with thanks to Matt at Astuteo). I didn’t make a particular post about it, because one of the things I learned as we were doing it is that the reaction you get to a logo in a vacuum is much different than the reaction you get when seen in context. We like the logo, though. The “mark” on the left is both an “N” and a waveform with a matching waveform, which is much of what we’re about.

Once we agree on a design direction and finalize the site structure, then it’s up to the programmers, developers and designers. While they do their work, we’ll start figuring out our plan to get the word out.

That’s where we’re at right now. It’s been a good exercise so far, and it promises to move even faster as the stakes get ever higher. We hope you’ll continue to join us for the journey.

Hope all’s well with you,



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