dinner for two for only $89? bargain!

I just turned on the radio and popped in just in time to hear the first commercial of the break.

“Dinner for two for only $89” was the opening line. The commercial is for Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (a contender for worst product name in both the restaurant and general business categories), and it goes on to tell you that you, too, can get a three-course meal for ONLY $89.

Holy Smokes! Only $89? You mean like $44.50 per person? Wowee Zowee, as some of our partners like to say.

Let me see. The last three times I spent money on my family of three for dinner, I think I spent… let me get the receipts… ah, here it is – a total of $84 plus change.

In a time when everyone is freaking out about $4/gallon gas prices and how much it costs for all the coffee everyone must drink, is it such a good idea to suggest to people that you think $89 for dinner for two is a bargain?

If I were Ruth’s Chris, I’d (well, first I’d change the name, but then…) focus more on their premium steaks and treat it as the high-class dining experience they are trying to be. The people who can and will eat there aren’t really that worried about money.

If they think they should hit on price as a way to let the “little guy” know he, too, can have a rich person’s dining experience, I just don’t think they’re going to hit their mark.


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