discover new music… from the loud car next to you

Ever been driving around grooving on some well-selected music, perfect weather, windows down, singing along – only to be beaten down by the sub-woofer with wheels that drives up next to you?

It doesn’t happen all that often in Madison, but when it does, I usually just lean out the window and politely tell them “no thank you, I’ve got my own music… but thanks, again.”

There was one time in my life, though, where it turned out to be a good thing. Last fall, some friends and I were in Austin for a wedding. We were driving around the night we got there, and a car pulled up next to us. Blaring from the automobile was a driving, upbeat ska rhythm that just had me right away.

This is the only instance, to date, I can remember leaning out the window and asking “what are you listening to…? It’s excellent.”

Turns out it was Tim Armstrong. I’d never heard of Tim Armstrong, but I went out when I got home and purchased A Poet’s Life – his most recent album. It lived up to the stoplight listen that I had been given in Austin.

Also turns out that Tim Armstrong was the driving force behind the bands Rancid, Operation Ivy, Dance Hall Crashers and the Transplants. This was just another case of me wondering how, with that background, this guy got past me. Keeping up with a field as large as music is nearly impossible. That’s why it is good to have tools like NewTunes, Pandora, etc.

Anyway, as you head into a week of cruising the streets of whatever town you live, put on Tim Armstrong and enjoy yourself a little. And who knows, the car you pull up next to may thank you.

Here’s the perfect Friday night driving song, “Into Action…”


2 Responses to “discover new music… from the loud car next to you”

  1. June 27, 2008 at 11:08 am

    The Transplants are/were the f’n bomb.

  2. 2 Joe
    June 27, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    Good call.

    Driving songs are key to a good driving experience

    Here are a couple of my favorite Driving songs:
    “The Porch Song” Widespread
    “No One Left To run With” Allmans
    “Friend of The Devil” Dead

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