Allow me to introduce ourselves…

This blog’s been chugging along for over two months now, and I’m constantly surprised by how much fun it is to do and how much feedback I’ve been getting from you (well, maybe not you, but you know who you are).

One of the questions I get is who’s all behind this site.

There are three people behind NewTunes right now, me (Jon Friesch), Joe Kletzel (JFK… The President) and Joe Amstadt (nothing parenthetical to add).

After spending the summers of ’88 and ’89 in San Francisco, I moved there full-time in 1993. One of the best parts about San Francisco was the music scene. The Greek Theater in Berkeley, the Fillmore and the Warfield are all classic and excellent places to see a concert, and I definitely went to my share of them – Thomas Dolby, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, Pete Townshend, David Byrne, Jerry Garcia, Jimmy Cliff, Robyn Hitchcock to name a few.

I worked for PC World magazine for four years, and I met my wife there. We moved to Madison, WI in 1997, and I went to work for the two newspapers and madison.com. I built the Marketing Department there and assembled quite a team – including Matt Everson, who designed our NewTunes logo and S.J. Barlament, who’s writing the copy for our site.

Last year, I moved on to Broadjam.com and spent six very important months there. Working at Broadjam was like going to graduate school. I learned an amazing amount in a very short time. This past March, the NewTunes opportunity came up, and here I am.

JFK, the President, has been part of NewTunes for over a year and has the distinction of having resided in every city in the continental United States (well, it seemed like every city when he was listing them off to us, but I have to admit I stopped listening after a while). He oversees everything that goes on and handles all of our operations and raised all of the money that we’re using to build this site.

JFK is one of the best people for whom I’ve ever worked. He has absolute trust in Joe and I and is in a perpetual good mood. On my way out last night, he thanked me for all of my hard work that day. This is not at all unusual for him to do, and he sincerely means and appreciates it (which is why I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I didn’t really work all THAT hard). JFK’s as honest as one can be and really sets the tone for how we want to interact with our customer base.

Joe Amstadt (the one who requires no parentheticals) is our developer and programmer. He’s the man behind our infrastructure, our technologies and our site. We’re working with a partner on the development of our website, and Joe is making that all possible.

Joe seems to be an expert in nearly everything he touches. He’s got a great eye for site usability and has done things with our infrastructure that have impressed both JFK and myself – although it probably all seemed second nature to him. My favorite part about Joe, aside from his concerns about absolutely everything, is his mutant ability to spot someone who is good at what they do. This is especially helpful as we assess technical people.

All three of us have profiles on LinkedIn (me, JFK, Joe), so if you’d like to see more, please check those out.

That’s the core team behind assembling the puzzle that is the NewTunes website. We do have some partners, as well, without whom this would not be possible. We’ll reveal them in due time.

So, that’s who we are… who are you? I invite you to introduce yourself via the comment area, or by email – jon@newtunes.com, to reach me.


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