marketing to trends

Everyone knows gas prices are a concern in this country. In fact, the constant stream of stories about it moves it quite solidly to trend status. That’s where marketers come in.

Marketers are looking for an angle. Many try to do it by making sure their product has a purpose, or a story, and then look to build on that every day. But many others identify trends and continually weave their message around the trends.

I just heard a radio ad for Napa Auto Parts explaining why a visit to Napa could make my car ever more efficient… in these times of rising gas prices.

I’ve long held the belief that if NewTunes is going to make it, it’ll be because of what we bring to the table. But I have to say, the alternative is certainly entertaining.

  • No endangered species were harmed in the making of this website (well… very few, anyway).
  • The NewTunes staff has stopped breathing carbon dioxide to cut down on pollutants in our office.
  • Staying home and discovering music on NewTunes saves the environment from you driving to the grocery store to find new music.
  • No one on the NewTunes staff has dated Joslyn Morse (look it up).
  • NewTunes has hope that nothing will change the future ahead of us, and providing a faster and more efficient way for unsigned bands to be heard is our way of supporting that.
  • If any of us had lapels, you can be damn sure there’d be an American flag pin stuck straight through it and well into our chests.

1 Response to “marketing to trends”

  1. July 5, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    I am particularly very interested in iTunes and podcasting; although I find the lack of quality content is overwhelming. I’d like to see someone taking leadership on promoting quality by industry.

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