when i think finding new music, i think palyrria

There’s a lot of new music out there. Not sure if there’s a stat for this, but it probably reads like “In America, a new band is formed every 7 seconds.”

Go to any local bar and there’s four guys – two guitars, bass and drums – pounding out some sort of rock. Those bands are pretty easy to find. That’s why I’ve always been drawn to the search for the unique. It’s why I’m in love with the idea of the NewTunes search engine. Even if I’m not particularly fond of the music, I will always appreciate when a band gets up and does something different.

To that end, I give you Palyrria. If you’re a Dead Can Dance fan (and if you’re not, you should be), or have ever crossed paths with the Buddha Bar series of electronic music (the Putumayo of the DJ world), you will absolutely gush over Palyrria (myspace link).

Palyrria is four guys from Greece who create a seamless blend of middle eastern, indian and meditteranean sounds. I’ve always been a sucker for this sound, and I never feel like I can find enough of it. Palyrria has three albums out, and every song is very different.

Check out this video for “Askia” – filmed live (for those of you from Madison, this will feel a lot like eating at the Parthenon on State).


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