why newtunes? because of ministry and the damned

Dave Vanian of The Damned

One of the best illustrations of why we at NewTunes believe a search by song that yields similar results is so much more important than sites that tell you “people who like this band also like that band” is The Damned.

Back in 1985, I came across the song “Is It A Dream,” off an album called Phantasmagoria, by The Damned. At that time, in 1985, this was The Damned – a damn-near mainstream pop-goth band with songs that had a blatant hook and radio play on their minds. But it was consistent with my tastes in 1985, and I thought they were great.

So, like anyone who becomes fascinated with a band, I began acquiring the back catalog. However, The Damned I had heard and loved was the same one most hardcore, long-time Damned fans were revolting against. They had “sold out.”

The original Damned lineup had a far more punk, garage band feel and sound to it. They “stood for something.” When guitarist Captain Sensible left in 1984, Phatasmaroria was the result.

Here’s the band I fell in love with playing “Is It A Dream”…

And here’s the one I’ve since come to appreciate, but at the time never really liked, playing “New Rose”…

The point is that just pointing a music fan toward a band isn’t enough – especially not now when downloading single cuts is more the norm. Bands write songs in many genres and many of them constantly evolve. We think we’ll better serve our audience by finding songs that match a song they already like.

As an aside, I think the greatest example of a sound switch is Ministry. I’m still trying to figure out what the hell happened. Check this out…

That was “Revenge” from their first album. This is “Just One Fix”…

And it happened literally from one album to the next. This was not a gradual shift. Who can you think of that shifted sounds more drastically than this?


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