cloud cult

Not sure if you’ve had a chance to listen to Cloud Cult, yet, but I would say that listening to them is only half of the experience.

Cloud Cult is essentially Craig Minowa. Craig is a guitar player from Minnesota who’s been playing under the name Cloud Cult for over ten years. I really like his propensity for interesting arrangements and lyrics – it’s what sets him apart from standard indie pop.

But in a business that tends to reward remarkable (at least temporarily), it’s his live show that is the real story. During every live Cloud Cult show, his wife, Connie, and trumpet player Scott West work on a painting that is completed by the end of the show and auctioned off afterward.

For true Cloud Cult fans, is this is a great chance to own a real memory from the show experience. For people just hearing about them for the first time, it’s an interesting concept that I think warrants a viewing.

I’m hoping they tour their new album enough that I might get to see this in person.

Here’s a live clip of “Breakfast with My Shadow,” in which you can really see the paintings going on.

Although Cloud Cult has a great live story, he’s also very talented when arranging for the studio mix. The new album, Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes), illustrates how much range Minowa has.

Here’s a video clip of “When Water Comes to Life.” This should give you a better feel for their studio sound.


1 Response to “cloud cult”

  1. 1 JPN
    July 15, 2008 at 1:28 pm

    Awesome man, I love the video and song. thanks for spotlighting this band!

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