ahhhh, service charges

I just purchased 4 tickets to see Of Montreal at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee on Sunday, October 26. I’m told their live show is fantastic, and I’m really looking forward to it. Plus, the Pabst is such a great place to see a show. The sitelines are great and the sound is usually perfect. One of those “not-a-bad-seat-in-the-house” venues.

The tickets were $17.50/ticket – which I think is great for a show like this in 2008. So, I went through the steps of purchase. Then I was reminded of the miracle of service charges.

It cost me $7.50 per ticket in service fees. That’s nearly half the price of the ticket (although, when it was over, I certainly felt as if I had been serviced).

But even more surprising was the completely counter-intuitive fee for printing. There was a $5.50 charge if I wanted to print my tickets on my printer. However, the cost of having them mailed to me was only $3. Obviously, I took the lesser mailing fee. It was the only time I can remember being rewarded for my old-fashioned approach to music. (I’d rather have a CD or LP than an MP3 download, and I’d rather have the “official” ticket in my hand than a printed version.)

All that… for this…

I’m not sure why the marketing folks haven’t gotten ahold of this process long ago and just built these fees right into the ticket. Then it wouldn’t create the anger that these fees create nearly every time they’re applied. That or find a way to lessen them greatly… like printing them on my printer… FOR FREE.


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