beck? human league? midnight star? no… alan wilkis

I’ve been sitting on this Alan Wilkis disc – Babies Dream Big – for the last few weeks because I haven’t really known what to make of it. I’ve listened to it a number of times, and I keep coming back for more. Every time I do, it always takes me back to the late 70s and early 80s listening to the funk time slot from noon to 3pm on WMSE (the Milwaukee School of Engineering radio station – 91.7 in Milwaukee).

They would play Newcleus (holy crap, they’re still around!), Midnight Star (damn, they’re around, too!!), Rufus with Chaka Khan and that sort of thing. Babies Dream Big is like one great homage to that entire genre, but with a tie back to 2008. The best description I’ve come up with is if Beck showed up about 10-20 years earlier.

At times, it sounds like a funked up Human League, and he seems to get compared to Stevie Wonder. Strangely, I can’t find much online about him at all – except his profile on LinkedIn (he’s in music publishing).

And unlike other artists I like to share, there’s not much on YouTube except three peculiar videos – one for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. There doesn’t seem to be much advocacy to them, and I can’t find out much about why they exist. But if you watch them, you get to hear three great cuts from the disc. Here’s “I’m Famous”…

“Milk and Cookies” (which reminds me of a Whodini rap song)…

And finally, “It’s Been Great.”

Finding and sharing new music is the best part about this NewTunes project. In about two months, you’ll be able to share in the search engine first hand. Look for a project status update soon to come, and thanks again for coming back to share in some of these interesting artists.


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