greatest music venue ever & a challenge to the record store owners

This is The Allen Room at the Lincoln Center in New York.

OK, I haven’t actually been there… yet. But how could it not be? Look at how open this space is. Check out the backdrop. That’s TWO stories of window overlooking Central Park in Manhattan. And can you imagine the acoustics in that place? The sound there is probably as clear as any venue in the U.S.

I’ve been thinking about The Allen Room because I recently saw that the Willie Nelson/Wynton Marsalis shows from early 2007, the recordings for which – Two Men With The Blues – were recently released on disc by Blue Note.

If you missed it, Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis paired up to play what I’m sure what a classic set of shows on January 12 and 13 of 2007. The show was set against the backdrop of the Allen Room’s view of New York.

It’s not often when two absolute legends pair up to play live. It’s less often when two absolute legends from two completely different areas of the music spectrum get together. Willie Nelson is arguably on par with the legend of Johnny Cash, and Wynton Marsalis may be the greatest living jazz legend. To have them together, live and on that stage could be one of the great pairings of our generation.

So, in 2008, as musical genres continue to blend – much like the ethnicities and cultures of our country – in what section will this recording from these shows be placed? Country? Jazz?

The increasing inability to classify music is one of the founding principles of NewTunes. No band is defined by one sound anymore. And there are so many bands out there that are fighting for exposure.

We’re hoping our search engine is a way for music fans to cut through the clutter and use one of their favorite songs as a launching point to discover other songs that sound similar. In finding those songs, they’ll hopefully be exposed to an entirely new world of bands they’d otherwise never heard of.

There’s a huge to do list for me in this post. I’ve got to get to The Allen Room. I’ve got to get a copy of the Marsalis/Nelson team-up. And I’ve got to (with the help of my partners) put the finishing touches on our site so we can share our vision with other music fans. I’m hopeful that you’ll join me in these pursuits (well, not literally… but you get the idea).

In the meantime, here’s a promotional video for the Nelson/Marsalis combo…


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