eddie vedder takes on scalpers

As one who has camped out for tickets and been insanely obsessed with working to get the best seat, I’ve always had it in for scalpers – people who just buy up the best seats to resell them for many times the original cost.

So, here’s to Eddie Vedder. I just received this email from the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee…

“* we took back over 100 tickets from scalpers who were charging up to $2000 for Eddie Vedder tickets.
* we refunded their money (except for service fees) & charged them a restocking fee.
* the restocking fee was donated to a charity defined by Eddie.
* now we wanna sell the tickets that we took back, to you, the real fans, on our eMembers list.”

The email goes on the tell me how I can purchase these tickets at face value (the sale already happened).

This is why Eddie Vedder’s stand against scalpers and Ticketmaster have endeared me to him. Not only that, but he’s embraced another idea I’ve had for years – releasing every Pearl Jam live show during one of the recent tours on CD. They were doing this before other companies started selling (on an extremely and too limited basis) a copy of the show you just saw at live events.

This is one case where what the man stands for is more important and exciting to me than his music (which I also like, but not one of my favorites).

Go Eddie!

*Except, I hate the Cubs, so he’s still got room for improvement.


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