newtunes v1.0 update

Well, it shouldnt’ be long now.

It seems like we’ve been building infrastructure and making plans for months now (largely because we have).

Developer Joe has been building and securing our technical infrastructure, and it looks like the end is near. Within the next week or so, he’ll be able to rejoin our partners who are helping us build the site.

The site design is completed and is now being applied. The back-end development is well underway, and the heavy lifting now is integrating our search engine components to the more mundane aspects of the site – like profile pages, forums, etc.

The marketing discussions are also picking up speed quickly. I’ve been meeting with our promotional partners more frequently, and we’re getting to the point where specific plans and timelines are well within view.

When launched, our site will deliver on the promise of taking your favorite songs and delivering to you new songs and bands of whom you’ve never heard. The launch of the site will also mark the return of MusicStreaker. This is a metadata-based series of questions that we ask our users to answer. By answering the questions, the user can earn free songs and also help improve our search engine.

All of this should be well within the next two months, and it’ll happen right here, at newtunes.com. This blog will still exist, but it will become but a tiny part of the entire site experience (admittedly, where it probably belongs).

In the meantime, thanks again for sticking with us and following along here. Before too long, we’ll be asking for volunteers to check out the site and give us feedback. If you’re interested, stay tuned. If you want to be really proactive, you can email me now at jon@newtunes.com and let me know you want to be the first to bang around on newtunes.com.

Thanks for sticking with us,



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