join the newtunes group on facebook

Facebook, MySpace… all the kids are doing it these days, so why not us?

I set up a NewTunes group on Facebook that you can check out here (if you’re a Facebook member, that is). Some of the things like this that I’ve set up – the Technorati account, the Digg account, etc – just seem like obligations. This is how social media marketing is done, and I should at least hit the basics.

So, I thought the same about the Facebook group, at first. But there are really several practical and useful purposes.

For instance, if you’ve been reading this blog with any regularity at all, or you’re simply interested in the forthcoming NewTunes website, I would ask that you take a moment to join the group. The first thing I’d like to do with any members we have is offer them a chance to check out the site and provide us with feedback. Anyone who joins that group now most likely has some innate interest in our music search engine and the machine & human combined engine behind it.

I’d like to reward those people for sticking with us and showing interest and, at the same time, use their (your?) insights to improve the site as quickly and often as we can. By launching our site as quickly as we can, we are going to have, on launch day, a list of improvements we know we’re going to want to work on immediately. Your feedback will help us prioritize that list and add to it.

The Facebook group should have some use for us and our members. I would ask that if you join it, that you, too, help us make it a dynamic place at which the members want to be.

And thanks again, from me, Joe and Joe, for sticking with us. It won’t be long now.



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