today is a very good day… it’s a gogol bordello day

About a week before I left the newspaper last year, one of our sister publications in Utah had asked me to head out there for some consulting. Because I made the plane reservations only a week prior, the ticket from Madison to Utah cost the company $1,200.

When I left the paper, I asked them if they still wanted me to do the consulting. They said they wouldn’t give me any money for it, so I decided not to go.

Shortly after, my travel agent asked me “so, what are you going to do with the $1,200 in flights?” Apparently, I now had one year to use up that amount of money on Northwest Airlines. I checked into giving it back, but it was in my name and non-transferable and non-refundable (both exciting “nons”, I have to admit).

I used about $400 to head to Austin last November for a friend of mine’s wedding. It was my first trip to Austin, and I was rewarded with the world’s best burritos at Freebirds (you should really check it out).

Fast forward to October of this year. I had the rest of my $1,200 to use, and it had to be booked by mid-September. I decided to go to San Francisco to see my family and hang out.

Meanwhile, NewTunes launch is on the horizon, and we’re thinking of ways to kick it off. I see that Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival is going on in San Francisco while I’m there, and I start thinking we could probably get one of the bands playing there, in the day, to do a night show at one of the local clubs. After checking out the lineup, Gogol Bordello seems like an obvious choice.

I called their management and it turns out they’d be willing to play the event – for a fee, of course.

But, we hit some of the predictable development delays, and having an event that weekend would be a bit premature. So, I had to call them back and let them know the timing wasn’t going to work out. Oh well, at least I still get to see them at the festival.

Since I’m going to be there from Thursday through Tuesday of that weekend, I decided to check out the lineups at Slim’s and Great American Music Hall – two of my favorite venues there.

Guess what? Someone took my idea, and Gogol Bordello is playing at Slim’s on Sunday night (after their performance at the festival). I just bought two tickets ($30/ticket) and am really excited to see them in a club venue instead of a festival setting. This has now gone from a nicely-timed vacation to a trip I can’t wait for. This one’s going to be great. And if you haven’t had a chance to see them, you should join me…

“Dub the Frequencies of Love” is my current favorite of theirs. You can check it out here…

And here’s another taste of the live experience…


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