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As we’ve been uploading our music catalog to testing area of our website, we’ve been having discussions about if there are any genres of music that we should NOT have on our site.

Obvious genres like alternative, rock, pop and r&b/hip-hop will all be there, and I suspect the bulk of our traffic will come from people into those genres. But there are other very legitimate genres like classical, opera, religious and world music… to name a few. In my eyes, there’s no reason not to feature our entire catalog. Sure, for marketing purposes, we can really focus on one or two and go after the people who listen to those – indie/alternative, rock and r&b/hip-hop being the most likely suspects.

But each genre has its own core audience of people to go after. We could easily be a site at which Catholics could use our service to find other religious bands that sound like ones they like. Likewise, an opera fan could find other operas (although it seems to me, if you’re an opera fan, you’re probably familiar with a lot of different operas… and then there’s the obvious joke about them all sounding similar, anyway).

Then there’s music that spans several genres.. songs that blend hip-hop, religion, ska and other nuances of many different genres.

Here’s two examples I was sent today. First one is from The Way, performing “The Renewed Mind is the Key”… (click here). *Update: Since posting this, they took down that page of their site (although everything else was left… hmmm.)

The second is a creative ska/rock/religious mix by a band called Sonseed…


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