i’ve seen the future… and the packaging is worthless

Just received the new Thievery Corporation CD – “Radio Retaliation.” I’ve only had one chance to breeze through the first few songs, but my review of this product doesn’t even get that far.

The packaging for this CD was absolutely horrible. I’m not sure who thought of this, but I hope this is not a sign of CD packaging to come.

The outside is a piece of corrogated cardboard which forms a sleeve that is layed out portrait, versus the normal landscape CD design. And, it’s huge. This packaging will not fit on the shelf with your other CDs.

Extremely loosely placed inside the corrugated sleeve is a mini-poster folded down somewhat into normal liner note size. It’s two-sided, and contains lyrics for all the songs on the CD. Nowhere on it is an actual song list with track times or any other information. There is no snug fit to the folded poster, and it falls out every time you pick up the package.

Just as loosely inside the folded poster is the CD itself, which also falls out of both the cardboard and the folded poster upon pickup.

Basically, it’s a stack of loose paper with a CD buried somewhere within.

I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea, but I’m hoping it’s not the future of CD packaging because it could barely be less functional or practical.

Here’s the song “Radio Retaliation” from the album of same name. The photo you see in the video is exactly the layout of the front of the corrugated box/sleeve.


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