it cost me $35 to save everyone’s lives

Yesterday, I flew back to Madison from San Francisco via Northwest Airlines. Northwest Airlines allows check-in 24 hours before the flight, so I went on early Monday afternoon to get my seat and print my boarding passes.

To my surprise, there was an open exit row seat on the aisle for both legs of my trip. What I didn’t know until I reserved the seat is that it was going to cost me an extra $35 for the San Francisco to Minneapolis leg of the flight, if I wanted the exit row.

Since the flight was free (courtesy of Capital Newspapers), I figured I’d pay the fee and fly comfortably.

When I got to my seat, the flight attendant (or whatever it is we’re calling them these days) explained to me my obligations if I chose to remain in the exit row.

So, let me get this straight, for an extra $35, I can have the fate of the lives of everyone on the plane in my hands? Seems to me, they should be paying me and my 6’4″ relatively young and fit frame to sit there, knowing I have the physical abilities (not to mention the moxie) to execute my duties.

It’s a shame we didn’t go down, because my plan was to ask for $1 from the first 35 people who wanted to use my exit door to get off the plane after a crash.


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