aloha – naming your band in the web 2.0 era

Over the weekend, I happened upon a band called Aloha. They’ve apparently been around, in some iteration, for over 8 years now. I really liked the songs I heard from them, so I went to look them up online (partly, with intent of posting about them here).

I went to YouTube to find Aloha videos, but it was a near impossibility (in web-effort, anyway… it wasn’t actually impossible). There are a lot of videos with the word “aloha” associated, but none of the band’s videos are top among them.

My search then took me to a straight Google search, but I had to include the word “band” to find anything of use (not that it was a hardship to do that… just talking about the likelihood of being found).

Anyway, I finally came across the information I needed, and thought I’d pass it on. On first listen, I didn’t really think Aloha distinguished itself from other music. But further listening revealed to me a unique songwriting style and instrumentation.

Picking a band name is tough. Many have been used, and you want to be original. But now, there’s the added difficulty of assessing how your name will do on Internet searches. If it’s only one word, and a common one at that, it is making it a bit more difficult to be found. But that’s just one more way NewTunes will be able to help these bands – by exposing them through their similarities to other bands.

Check out this set of videos. The first song is called “Mountain” and comes from the album Some Echoes. The second video features the song “Moonless March.” And, as a bonus, there is a very insightful and probing interview with Cale Parks, Tony Cavallario and the rest of the band.


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