of montreal in milwaukee – this is what you’re missing if you let this band come and go without checking them out

For longer than a month, I’ve had a set of 4 tickets to see Of Montreal in Milwaukee last Sunday night. Unfortunately, the plans changed for my daughter’s birthday party, and I was unable to attend Of Montreal.

However, my friend went to the show and said it was fantastic. I hit him on gchat to ask him what I missed. This is what he wrote:

me: well?

friend: dude
I don’t think you want me to tell you
it was nuts
completely insane
no live horse though – so you didn’t really miss much
me: i do want you to tell me.
what happened? how long did they play?
friend: we were trying to figure that out after
probably like 80 minutes or something to that effect
I’m hoping to get to a blog post about it sometime tonight but here are some notes I made last night…
– budha style masks and cloaks – pick up a container and he pops out.

– cardinal (priest) with a nun putting stilletos on him and massaging
his feed while he condemns a giraffe with a thumbs down

– kills himself by OD.  then gun.  (maybe be some others?).  then
hangs himself.  They actually do put him on a gallows and kick out the
stool while he has not only the rope around his neck but also
something attached to his back.

– roller skater (guy, right?) with shaved legs and a bra

– “skin suits” from a couple of pairs.  one with some pubic hair.

– a fist fight

– wild west scene with a poker game and shoot out.

– war scene with fatigues

– “giant man” where one person comes out with a big head.  two others
with one giant arm each and other two have legs.  joined in center

– centaur

– pose-able people are positioned (in “compromising” positions, of course)

– bring him out in a coffin covered in shaving cream (?)

– with very red lighting going on stage they appear to be rubbing oil
all over him.  with the next song there is a lighting change and you
realize they painted him red.

– there’s the main stage.  on the left side of it there are two levels
– 1 with keyboard (etc) player – top with a drum kit.  on the right
side there is only a top level (another drum kit).  the middle has a
screen that they change/setup behind before revolving it.

– he’s basically naked for 3/4 of the show.

– cover Teen Spirit

– 3x screens at back/top of stage with images, clips, etc going

me: where were you sitting for this spectacle?
friend: dead center.  probably 6th row or so (with many people standing in front of row 1)
me: was it sold out? did you sell the tickets?
why didn’t i go?
friend: it was not sold out – or at least, if it was – it sold out after we went in
There’s a lot of reviews of a lot of shows out there. But I’d never really read one that included the bizarre, yet vague, imagery of this gchat conversation.
Hope this helps you to decide that you should certainly see Of Montreal as soon as you can.

1 Response to “of montreal in milwaukee – this is what you’re missing if you let this band come and go without checking them out”

  1. 1 Tim
    November 22, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    The SF show last night was pretty much the same. The venue – the Grand Ballroom – made it fantastic. Old glass chandeliers, granite urinals, a balcony to absorb it all (there is a lot to absorb), and a bouncing throng of fans that didn’t miss a beat. Of Montreal’s “being themselves” uninhibited even the stingiest Johnny-no-dance. Oh, and the drugs. Lots and lots and lots and lots of drugs.

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