when brighton, ma comes to you, go to brighton, ma

Last Friday, Developer Jim asked me if I wanted to go see the band, Brighton, MA, at a local club (one of our better ones… Cafe Montmartre). After a considered affirmation that I would like to go, he informed me that he wasn’t going. I guess he just wanted to know where not to be that night.

Either way, I ended up not going because I couldn’t find anyone else who wanted to go (or who really wanted to go, anyway). Now that I’ve had almost a week to continue listening to their music, I’m a little bummed I missed it.

Brighton, MA, actually from Chicago (though songwriter Matt Kerstein is from Brighton, MA… hence the name), is a really solid, Wilco-esque alt-pop quartet who produces great imagery, thoughtful lyrics and a relatively diverse sound so that it doesn’t all start to sound the same. Their first full-length album came out somewhat recently and is called “Amateur Lovers.”

This is unfortunately the best video I can find for them, but this is Brighton, MA playing “Sunblinded,” one of their better songs, in my opinion. To hear them in better quality, check out their MySpace page. Enjoy…


1 Response to “when brighton, ma comes to you, go to brighton, ma”

  1. 1 TorridPickle
    November 14, 2008 at 9:16 am

    I’m sorry, but as a past resident of Brighton MA, I can tell you that nothing of value, NOTHING, comes or will ever come from Brighton MA. (Even the Dunkin’ Donuts there is sub par.)

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