my birthday means war

Today’s my birthday, and like any smart veteran of birthdays, I chose to make it a long weekend event spanning five days. Somewhere over the weekend, I opened some presents from my mother-in-law. She gave me music from two bands that are absolutely fantastic and are definitely worthy of mention here.

First, the U2 re-releases War, October and Boy. I’m sure many of you are at least familiar with these albums, if you weren’t actually around for their original release. But as I was listening to War on Sunday (and teaching my five year old daughter what a rebel song is… although Sunday Bloody Sunday is NOT a rebel song), I was astounded not only be how good of an album that was, but also how huge it would be if it came out today.

War definitely stands the test of time and more than forgives whatever it is about U2 that has pissed you off (or even mildly annoyed you) since the 1983 release of that album.

You’ve probably all heard it, so no need to go into any detailed review. But I will say that I was most impressed with the drumming. And if you’ve been reading along, you know that I am in agreement that many drummers actually hurt the music they’re playing, not help it. But in this case, Larry Mullen, Jr. (who I didn’t know actually started the band) simply nailed it with both sound, production and timing.

If you haven’t heard this album, or, in a more unlikely scenario, at all, go buy it or listen to it immediately. It embodies all that punk, pop, lyrics, ego, stage presence, musicianship and personality were in post punk music at that time.

Here’s one of my favorites from that album, “Seconds”…

OK, this post got a little long, so I’ll be back later to tell you about band number two…


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