quite a music catalog… maybe too much catalog?

As we test the NewTunes website, I’m noticing something that has me a bit concerned. I think this goes under the heading “nice problem to have,” but I think it’s still a problem.

I was testing our random search function, which, in the interests of music discovery (but with less calculation or predictability than our foundation search function) essentially serves up random songs from our catalog. The feature works well enough, but I am concerned about what I’m getting.

Due to the large and varied nature of our catalog, we have all the predictable and probable search songs and bands, but we also have what would best be described as “a ton” of odd folk, classical, world and other forms of music.

At first it seems odd, but as I’ve been playing with the site, it, to me, seems to add some depth to the site. Most music sites these days seem to target the same 25-year-old alt/indie listener who is believed to be more net-savvy and more likely to download (if not steal) digital music.

And I would admit to having some of those same visions. But as I go through this, I see how the site is truly able to serve fans of any genre. There literally is something here for everybody – which was not necessarily the original intent.

My question is, does the whole and complete nature of our catalog dilute our service or make us less “cool” to the target I mentioned earlier? Or does it, in fact, make us more complete and increase the chance of truly broadening one’s musical horizons?

Any feedback on this is welcome, as I contemplate burying some songs (or even genres) in our database.


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