when you get caught between the moon and new york city (dudley moore? who knew?)

Last night, I was watching a couple episodes of the 1960s British comedy show “Not Only… But Also…” The show starred Dudley Moore – most famous for obsessing over Bo Derek in “10” or playing a drunk in “Arthur” – and Peter Cook – probably most famous in America for his role as the priest in “Princess Bride,” although more famous in England as a comedian and skit writer.

The show was one of several iterations of the Moore/Cook comedy team, and their work stands the test of time pretty well. This skit is one of their more famous ones, and pretty good (despite some of the very cringe-inducing racial slurs that were definitely a sign of the times, but not the core of the joke (you’ve been warned))…

When I’m done with this, I’m going to head over to Amazon and pick up one of his CDs.

What prompted me to write about this, though, is that I had no idea that Dudley Moore had his own jazz trio (aptly named the Dudley Moore Trio), and that Dudley Moore was an absolutely amazing piano player. I knew he played piano, but he was an accomplished and renowned classical AND jazz piano player – a somewhat rare combination.

I usually write about indie and alternative music, but I do have a side of me pretty into jazz, and this was a great discovery. This was the only clip I could find from that time period, and he doesn’t quite show off the skills he does in several of the “Not Only… But Also” episodes, but it still represents his style and charm quite nicely…


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