what we worked on today in preparation of newtunes launch

We received in the mail today a package from Hiebing – the marketing agency who’s been helping us with our launch activities (no, you haven’t really seen any of their work, yet… we’d have to launch, first).

In the package was a Hiebing Ski Club winter cap and a card directing us to a website called hiebingski.com. If you go to the site, it takes you to a pretty fun, very Wisconsin, skiing game (on which I currently hold the high score).

This holiday card from Hiebing is very consistent with our experience working with them over the past few months – understated, but impactful.

One of the first times we left the Hiebing building earlier this summer, one of my team members told me that they didn’t seem like a normal agency environment. There wasn’t a lot of flash and cool smacking you in the face as you rounded every corner.

This observation was consistent with one of the reasons we chose them – Hiebing puts strategy and results first, and is not solely concerned with their own reputation or portfolio (not saying any of the others we spoke to are… just for the record).

Hiebing did a fantastic job of figuring out what we’re all about and then worked with me on crafting a brand promise and promotion strategy that really made sense for what we were doing.

I think way back in the day, I mentioned in a post about thank you notes the CD package they sent me when they were looking for my business. It’s still on my desk and still gets routine listens.

Working with Hiebing has been excellent, and I’m looking forward to executing some of their work in the coming months.

Thanks for the package and the game, Hiebing.

And thanks to you. Shouldn’t be but a few days to launch, now. In the meantime, go ahead… try and beat my score.


1 Response to “what we worked on today in preparation of newtunes launch”

  1. 1 Jaimi
    December 11, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    Thanks Jon. Very kind words…it’s definitely been a fun ride! Can’t wait to see this baby launch. See you on the “slopes”… =)

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