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steve kimock – the missing member of the grateful dead

Have you ever happened upon something that you really like, only to find out that it is related in several different ways to something else you really like?

I received, for my birthday, the Steve Kimock Band Live in Colorado CDs – which I meant to write about at the time. I had heard a Steve Kimock Band track while I was sitting in the car of a friend who has XM radio, and I thought I’d put it on my Amazon Wish List and see what comes of it.

Since I received the disc, I’ve had it playing in my car nearly non-stop. Curious about who Steve Kimock is and why I hadn’t heard of him before, I looked him up.


Turns out he’s been playing guitar since the 70s and has not only played with the Grateful Dead, but nearly every one of their side projects, as well.

Steve Kimock has played with (and forgive my stealing this directly from Wikipedia) Keith and Donna Godchaux’s Heart of Gold Band (1979-80), Bob Weir’s Kingfish (1986), Merl Saunders and the Rainforest Band (1990-91), Vince Welnick’s Missing Man Formation (1996-97), Phil Lesh and Friends (1998-99), and The Other Ones (1998–2000). He is currently a member of the Rhythm Devils, a supergroup formed by Grateful Dead drummers Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart, and in July of 2007, Kimock was asked to join Bob Weir’s RatDog Revue.

Aside from playing with the Grateful Dead, he’s also had various bands of his own from Zero, to the current Steve Kimock Band.

I’ve been a fan of the Dead for awhile, and thought I knew most of the players. So when I heard his band and then found out about the affiliation, it was a pleasant surprise. It also made sense that I would like his music (here’s to consistency).

It will surprise no one, then, that he plays a very similar rhythm jam that you would expect from the Dead. Here’s an 8 minute sample of his work. If you like guitar jams, you’ll enjoy this…


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