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As mentioned a few times, NewTunes.com is live in a very beta state. But I feel remiss in not giving credit where credit is due to a few key partners.

First off, our site was built by Onit Digital. Back in April of 2008, I put together a feature list and submitted it to Onit – who had been chosen to complete the front and back-end development of our website. Over the course of the summer and fall, they worked to build the functionality of the site as fast as they could. There are still some bugs to overcome (which is why it is in a beta state), and the feature list is not yet complete (more features forthcoming), but our in-house team is now working to solve those issues.

Second, I’ve mentioned Hiebing a few times already, but I want to mention them again for their work on the site look and aesthetic. Like many designs, it is not exactly as was originally intended or designed. Specifically, there are some areas of the site, like the search results, which do not behave as they recommended (we may change it back to that way if we hear some opinion about it). But all-in-all, we think the general design represents our approach and what we were looking for in simplicity.

Finally, Matt Everson over at Astuteo created the NewTunes logo for us. We think was very well thought-out, intelligently done and an excellent graphic representation of what we’re about.

There have been a few others who have stopped in to help us out along the way, but Onit, Hiebing and Astuteo are the main three, and we’d like to thank them for their work.


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