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from wal-mart to bonnaroo (with a brief stop at the super bowl)

I just caught the current artist list for the 2009 Bonnaroo, and I couldn’t help but notice that Bruce Springsteen, who originally thought that releasing his album through Wal-Mart was the way to go, has done a 180 and is going to appear at Bonnaroo.

I wonder if this is making any of the normal Bonnaroo fans think that the event has sold-out or gone too commercial? After playing only his hits from the late 70s and early 80s for America’s Baby Boomers (who obviously haven’t heard, and probably don’t care about, his latest album), he’s now going to remake himself in front of Gen Y. I wonder how that’ll go? It’s certainly been done before, but I’m skeptical on this one…

Other observations: It’d be great to go see Mars Volta there. I haven’t written about them, but they are one of my favorite bands that are new to me within the last year or so. Extremely dynamic music with many layers and things going on. It’d be great to see them.

I noticed that, to me, Gogol Bordello is conspicuously absent after taking the place by storm last year. Maybe a late edition?

I’m always skeptical of seeing a band like of Montreal at a festival show like this. My first experience was with Peter Gabriel at the Amnesty shows. He was OK, but if you’ve ever seen him live at his own concert, it was a severe disappointment. I wonder if of Montreal would be the same.

Good to see that David Byrne hasn’t gone the way of cult favorite by continuing to have a meaningful presence at shows like these.

Overall, a pretty solid lineup, I think.




Unfortunately, Gigi’s artist name is a bit too common, so searching for her music can be a tad more difficult than other artists, but I found it to be worth it.

I’m sure if she went by her full, Ethiopian name – neé Ejigayehu Shibabaw – it’d be much easier to find her work. She’s been singing professionally for at least the last 10 years and is quite popular in her home.

She resides in New York now and has played with some of the real jazz legends like Pharaoh Sanders and Herbie Hancock. But like Bebel Gilberto, who I wrote about recently, I found her music to be extremely compelling.

Here’s a homemade video for one of her more popular songs, “Gud Fella.” When I first heard her, it was the song “Enoralehn.” I couldn’t find this song anywhere to include, but the “Gud Fella” song is just as good. Check it out…

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