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the power of gogol bordello

I’m sure I’ve written more than I need to about Gogol Bordello on this site. But we just went and saw the independent documentary, Gogol Bordello Non-Stop. (See the trailer…)

And my wife made an otherwise innocuous observation that I think rings very true.

On the recommendation of Developer Jim, I went to my first concert festival event – Lollapolooza in Chicago. While I don’t think I’d want to go to another concert festival like that, something very significant happened that day.

Having received an email from friend Rick telling me “run, don’t walk to see Gogol Bordello,” I walked over to the South stage to catch the band. I’ve chronicled here how absolutely amazing they are live, so I won’t get into that. Plus, what really happened was not that I saw a great show. It was my introduction into the Eugene Hutz philosophy on life.

It crystalized for me what had been a loose philosophy of my own – try everything and be up for anything.

Shortly after that show in August, things really started to take off in my life. My job with NewTunes was slowly and painfully crashing. People around me started to reveal themselves for what they really were. My wife was getting progressively unhappy at work.

I think pre-Gogol Bordello, there might have been more willingness to take it – especially for my wife. But she embraced the lyrics and the band. I saw them again in October, and then we flew to New York and saw them in their natural environment.

When 2009 began, we began to think the unthinkable – moving from Madison and heading back West. And in April, I got a job with RealNetworks, sold our house in one day, gave away a bunch of our belongings and packed our house in two weeks. By mid-May, we were in Seattle.

It’s hard to say what might have been, but had it not been for Gogol Bordello calling attention to the Gypsy, no borders lifestyle, who knows whether or not we would have made the trip.

Obviously there were other factors, but Gogol Bordello will always occupy a very special place for me. And while I love music, few bands or musicians can claim this influence on my life.

If you haven’t already, give them a chance. I hope they can do something special to you, too.


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