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New Ramona Falls is on its way

This morning, my friend who used to work with Brent Knopf while with Barsuk Records emailed me this link today.

When I opened it, I found my prayers had been answered. Ramona Falls, who’s first album, Intuit, had come out over three years ago, is finally ready to release the follow-up, called Prophet.

The first song off Prophet is called Spore, and it’s a great follow-up to the songs from Intuit.

Brent Knopf is normally one third of the band Menomena, but when he goes solo, he works on Ramona Falls.

I can’t wait to hear the entire new album – due out May 1, and I hope there’s a tour that will go along with it. Last time I saw them was at the Crocodile, and they were great.

Take a listen to Spore here (but if you’ve never heard them, I recommend listening to Intuit first – you can check out the song “I Say Fever” down below):

And “I Say Fever”:


Did you see Thomas Dolby on the Grammy’s?

I just purchased my tickets to see Thomas Dolby play at the Showbox on 1st Avenue in Seattle. I’ve seen him live several times, and I think he puts on a great show.

When I asked my friend if he wanted to go with me to see him, he responded with:

“Did you see Thomas Dolby on the Grammy’s?”

Surprised, I said “no.”

So he sent me this link… from 1985, when Thomas Dolby played with Herbie Hancock, Howard Jones and Stevie Wonder.

It was so painful, I almost felt bad about buying my tickets.

– My name is Jon Friesch, and if you can, I would recommend going to see Thomas Dolby if he comes to your town (despite this video).


Dead Can Dance to tour in 2012

According to the Dead Can Dance’s website, they’re working on a new album for 2012 and then will be touring to support the record later this year.

In typical fashion, the site’s pretty cryptic about any of the plans or dates. But they have been releasing downloads about once per month with four live tracks in each one.

The third one is available for download now at their site and features Saltarello (“topping the charts in 1462,” as Brendan Perry says in his introduction to the song), The Wind That Shakes the Barley, How Fortunate the Man with None and Dreams Made Flesh.

While this isn’t Dead Can Dance, per se, here’s a video from Brendan Perry’s appearance at Neumo’s in Seattle – recorded by my iPhone (which did a remarkable job with the sound, by the way)…

– My name is Jon Friesch, and I can’t wait to see Dead Can Dance in 2012.


… aaaaaaand we’re back

Holy smokes. About a year ago, I resumed my blogging life and started writing at I had completely forgotten about this Musicstreaker blog.

This one was started as part of a start-up I was helping to build (before I helped to destroy it). It was called NewTunes, and the entire experiment lasted about a year.

Probably my most significant achievement while there was starting this blog. I had never had one before, so I kind of learned the ropes about keeping fresh and interesting content while marketing the blog and gathering readers.

At the time my best week was 15,000 views after only three months. But after the site went down, and I went on to other things, I started posting less until I finally moved on from this blog.

Fast forward to today, when I checked in on the blog and the stats just to see what had been happening. I couldn’t believe it, but when I checked the stats, I saw this blog now has more than 473,000 views. I had no idea that people would still be attracted to it, but most all of my posts are getting traffic.

After seeing that, I figured I would reinvigorate it to see what could be done with it. So, here we are. Over the next few weeks/months/years, we’ll find out together. See you again…

– My name is Jon Friesch, and I created a blog that’s been seen quite a few times… Who knew?

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